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Selling with an Agent vs. Selling to a House Buyer

Criteria Selling with an Agent Selling to a House Buyer
Commissions / Fees 6% on average, paid by the seller NONE
Who Pays Closing Costs? 2% on average, paid by the seller NONE – Covered by the buyer
Inspection & Financing Contingency Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through NONE
Appraisal Needed Often subject to appraisal NONE – Cash offers
Average Days Until Sold +/- 91 days IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER
Number of Showings It Depends 1 (Just Us)
Closing Date 30-60 days after accepting buyer’s offer The Date Of YOUR CHOICE
Who Pays For Repairs? Negotiated During Inspection Period NONE – Buyer handles all repairs

Work The Numbers And See Which Way Helps You Get There A thorough analysis of the numbers reveals the real advantages each method offers for selling your North Carolina house. While BHERI CAPITAL may not offer full retail value for your house, we provide additional benefits that traditional house sales can’t match.

In the intricate realm of real estate transactions, it’s imperative to decipher which path best aligns with your objectives. While traditional methods like listing with a Raleigh agent have their merits, exploring alternative avenues such as partnering with a dedicated house buyer can unveil unparalleled advantages. Let’s delve deeper into these strategies and uncover how they can pave the way to achieving your selling goals in North Carolina.

Analyzing the Numbers: Maximizing Returns

Embarking on a comprehensive numerical analysis unveils the distinct advantages each approach offers for selling your property in North Carolina. While it’s true that opting for BHERI CAPITAL may not yield full retail value for your house, it’s essential to recognize the additional benefits that traditional house sales often overlook.

Fast Offer, Quick Cash in Hand: Say Goodbye to Property-Related Headaches

With BHERI CAPITAL, bidding farewell to property-related headaches and financial burdens is within reach. Imagine receiving a cash offer and having funds in hand within as little as 7 days. No more enduring utility payments, tax bills, or mortgage dues piling up while awaiting a traditional sale to close.

No Need for Repairs or Cleaning: Embracing Property As-Is

One of the standout perks of partnering with a house buyer like BHERI CAPITAL is the elimination of the need for extensive repairs or meticulous cleaning. Regardless of your property’s condition—be it unkempt or requiring significant renovations—we’re prepared to make an offer, sparing you from the burdensome tasks of sprucing up your home.

Covering Closing Costs: Streamlining the Transaction Process

Navigating the closing process can often be riddled with unexpected fees and expenses. However, as a full-service professional house buyer in North Carolina, we take care of all closing costs, ensuring a seamless transaction from start to finish. What you see is precisely what you get, with no hidden fees or surprises—just a straightforward, transparent process.

Time and Cost Savings: Maximizing Efficiency

By selling to a professional house buyer, homeowners in North Carolina can reap substantial time and cost savings. When you consider the streamlined process, hassle-free experience, and the substantial financial savings on commissions, fees, and holding costs, it becomes evident why this option appeals to many property owners in North Carolina.

Is It Right for You? Exploring Your Options

As you contemplate the convenience, savings, and stress-free process offered by BHERI CAPITAL, it’s essential to assess whether selling to a house buyer aligns with your unique needs and preferences. Are you prepared to explore this option further and embark on a hassle-free selling journey? The answer may lie in uncovering the unparalleled benefits of partnering with a dedicated house buyer like BHERI CAPITAL.

See for yourself and get a fair all-cash offer on your house today.

Ready to explore your options and embark on a stress-free selling journey? Don’t hesitate to reach out—simply fill out the short form below or give us a call at (919)-229-4991. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. With us, you have the flexibility to close on the date of your choice, providing you with the ultimate convenience and control over your selling timeline.

Our process is straightforward and transparent, with no obligations or pressure involved. By requesting your FREE house offer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars or months of your time—take advantage of this opportunity to discover the benefits of selling to a reputable house buyer like us.

*An inspection contingency allows the buyer to conduct an inspection and negotiate repairs or a new price if necessary. Similarly, a financing contingency gives the buyer the flexibility to back out if they can’t secure a loan or if the home doesn’t appraise for the required value.

With BHERI CAPITAL, you can rest assured that financing won’t be an issue. As cash buyers, we eliminate the need for bank financing, ensuring a smooth and timely closing process. Contact us today to request your free house offer and take the first step towards a stress-free selling experience.