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Sell Your Inherited House

One’s primary home alone can be challenging to manage. An inherited house, however, can come with more challenges. If you are a homeowner, then you know that it needs constant upkeep and maintenance. Even if you do not live in the inherited house, it will still require the same level of care. The process of inheriting a house can be a financial disaster for individuals who do not manage it correctly. If you find yourself in this type of situation and you feel that it’s better to sell your inherited house, The Equity Pros can help.

What is an Inherited House?

An inherited house can be a family home that is passed on to heirs after the death of their parents or relatives. For some homeowners, they may come to the sad realization that their inherited property is an emotionally and complicated taxing burden. Additionally, the thought of selling a property that has been in the family for many years is emotionally trying and stressful.

Sell Your Inherited House | Why?

If one chooses to keep the inherited house, he or she has to deal with an array of costs associated with mortgage, inheritance taxes, inspections, maintenance, repairs, etc. These factors can add up to thousands of dollars. Some individuals, who have inherited property, may not have the cash to pay for these unforeseen costs.

One way to resolve this issue is to sell the inherited house to a professional real estate buying company. Oftentimes, this is a quicker and easier process that results in less hassle for the homeowner. These types of real estate sales can be completed in a matter of days.

In this case, seller fees involved in the inherited property sale process are also paid for on behalf of the beneficiaries. What’s more, the homeowner does not need to worry about repair costs, listing costs, expensive real estate commissions, and more. The inherited house will be bought on an as-is basis.

Sell Your Inherited House | How Does it Work?

When one needs to sell his or her inherited house, the person needs to first get probate. It is a legal document that administers and distributes the estate of a deceased individual and resolve all claims under a will. This process may take between six and 12 months to complete.

Once you acquire the probate, you can contact The Equity Pros. We will facilitate a house visit, which will allow us to understand your situation. Remember, you do not need to clean the inherited property or spend money to fix it up. Our company pays cash for your property in its current condition.

After the property valuation, you will receive a fair cash offer. To save time and ensure that you get the money you need quickly, we typically close fast. Our clients can move on with their lives in no time.

Sell Your Inherited House | Choose The Equity Pros

At The Equity Pros, we understand that dealing with the death of a family member can be difficult. The last thing one wants to worry about is how to handle a large inherited asset, such as a house. This may include other complicated issues such as property condition, wills, probate, multiple heirs, titles – just to name a few. Since our inception, our team has bought many houses just like yours. We possess extensive experience in this field. We can walk you through the difficult process. You can count on us to buy your inherited house via the highest possible cash offer.

If you are looking to sell your inherited house in Raleigh and all surrounding areas in North Carolina, simply call (919)-229-4991 or complete our online contact form.